Subscriptions for Kids Bath Bombs

Introducing Berwyn Betty's Subscription Service, the ultimate bath bomb subscription box designed exclusively for children!

Transform bath time into a magical and exciting adventure with our curated collection of vibrant and fragrant bath bombs.

Each month (or each season), your little ones will receive a delightful package filled with a variety of fizzing surprises, featuring playful shapes, mesmerizing colors, enchanting scents and surprises inside! Our bath bombs are made with gentle, kid-friendly ingredients, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Watch as your children's and grandchildren's and loved ones' eyes light up with joy and anticipation as they discover the wonders hidden within each bath bomb. With our subscription box, bath time becomes a cherished ritual that sparks creativity, relaxation, and endless fun.

Join our subscription today and let the fizzy fun adventures begin!

Looking for ensuring a very special and anticipated recurring gift for your child, your grandchild, a niece or nephew, or a good friend?

Berwyn Betty’s subscription service is an easy, cost-effective way to reliably keep your loved ones in mind throughout the year. What's best is we offer these boxes at our most economical per unit for newly released and unique bath bombs. Plus, no long-term commitment ... you can self-serve pause or end your subscription at any time for any reason.

Subscription Plans

We offer two subscription services. Each service ships directly to your doorstep with a fresh, curated box of 6 bath bombs that are unique, fun, brilliantly colored, scented with kid-friendly fragrances and containing a fun surprise inside! A number of the bath bombs selected for the subscription service are unique and only available to members.

  • Monthly Bath Bomb Subscription. Every month on the 5th ... 12 times annually --- members are shipped their subscription box which contains special themes as well as seasonal and/or holiday themes.
  • Seasonal Bath Bomb Subscription. Every Season on the 5th ... 4 times annually (February, June, September and December) ... members are shipped their subscription box which contain seasonal and/or holiday themes. Perfect for gifting!

Key Features

  • Cost. Each box is offered at our most economical per unit pricing for newly released and unique bath bombs.
  • Quality. All products are handmade by our craftspeople at US workshop in Berwyn, IL using only the finest USA-sourced natural ingredients.
  • No long-term commitment! We offer flexible "Pay-As-You-Go" subscription plans. You can pause or cancel at any time!
  • You Are In Control. We provide members a self-serve portal for you to manage your subscription when needed.
  • Trusted Delivery. We proudly partner with USPS for reliable delivery with its fast Priority Mail service direct to your door.