Berwyn Betty's Workshop for Kids Bath Bombs

Berwyn Betty's Workshop, Berwyn Illinois USA

We make bath time magical and fun for people of all ages with our kids bath bombs.

We accomplish this daily working out of our historic, renovated shop, nestled in the Berwyn community just west of downtown Chicago, Illinois. The workshop is a completely renovated brick corner store dating back to the 1920s when it was a centerpiece for the local neighborhood. Berwyn Betty's team carefully renovated the building to bring back its old glory as the center of this local community. 

Our Process

We craft all of our products at our workshop. Within the shop, all products are handmade from start to finish in small batches by our devoted mission-driven team of artists and artisans.  We take simple, quality materials but combine them in ways that bring joy to your senses when you experience their use!  Our products are expressly designed for your to experience with multiple senses ... visual, smell, touch and even auditory senses.  When you put our bombs into a tub with water, it fizzes, bubbles and foams, releasing brilliant color, scent, and nourishing, moisturizing essential oils and vitamin E into the water.

Our Ingredients

We only use carefully selected clean, simple, premium-quality all-USA natural ingredients.  For our bath bombs, we include Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, certified natural pure Essential Oils and quality Fragrance Oils.  Whenever possible, certified natural pure essence oils are used.  If a scent cannot be found in nature, quality fragrance oils that retain their scent are used.  Our food-grade gel Colorants will not stain skin, fabric, or tub.  Some bath bombs also include Dried Flower petals and buds, and touches of Mica Powder and Glitter for an iridescent shimmer.  Bombs are made to be gentle and safe for kids.

Our Colors

Our colors are carefully selected from some of the finest colorant suppliers in the USA. All colorants are food-grade, they will not stain skin, fabric, or tub.  We choose them to be bright, fun and full of wonder because these are the attributes we want to share with you.  Some of these vibrant colors are single and some are mixed. If it extends the product, we may mix in some exciting things like sugar sparkles or touches of mica powder and glitter for an iridescent shimmer.  The colors are important not only for the visual appearance when you receive it but for the exciting mix of color when combined in your bath.  These colors are then carefully combined with the dry ingredients to ensure the visual effect is stunning.

Our Shapes

Most bath bombs are, well, round. We certainly enjoy that shape as well but life is all about variety! We design or search the market for shapes that are engaging, fun, whimsical and connote the joy we want you to experience with our products. How about an Easter Egg, Snake Egg or Dragon Egg? A Feline or Dog Pet Paw? Maybe a Princess Crown or Ninja Star? What about a Summer Popsicle, Ice Cream Truck or Camper! Shape is an important element in the Berwyn Betty's design process.

Our Scents

We pair literally hundreds of different scents to uniquely match to the colors and shapes of our bath bombs.  The smell that is released when our bath bombs are combined with water is critical to the overall experience.  If we want a holiday theme, we may combine a scent that reflect it such as cinnamon, gingerbread, almond or vanilla. If we want the bath bomb to provide relaxation, we may add in scent such as jasmine, hyacinth, lavender, or rose.  We will periodically also pair dried flower petals and buds to reinforce the scents.

Our Surprises

What would our bath bombs be without a little surprise inside? As the bomb melts away, a toy or soap appears in the tub!  For our kid bath bombs, we search out nice-quality toys and figurines that are going to bring a smile to you.  For our mom bombs, our focus is on offering a little soap product to add a bit extra value to your bomb.

Our Packaging

Each of our bath bombs is individually shrink wrapped to lock in the scent, the product freshness, and for added shipping protection.
We work to minimize how much packaging we ship with our product, keeping the focus on the product and opting for a low packaging footprint to support environmental sustainability.


Quality Ingredients.
Brilliant Colors.
Unique Shapes.
Engaging Scents.
Exciting and Fun Surprises.
Packaging that keeps it safe and environmentally friendly.
Magical, Fun Bath Experiences!
All done by our Artists and Artisans with care and attention to detail.

    That is Berwyn Betty's Process!