Subsidized Event Best for block parties and summer camps
The Basics Berwyn Betty’s Bath Bomb Mobile Subsidized Events
$250 + $5 per bomb (minimum 50 bombs)
  • Trailer to your location (within 25 miles of shop)
  • Approximately 1.5 hours on location making bath bombs
  • Surprise toy for bath bombs (guests choose toys from our inventory)
  • We offer drive by option (our staff make custom bombs to order) OR guests can learn and make their own bath bombs
Add Ons
  • Travel fee (further than 25 miles from our Berwyn shop) $100 flat fee
  • Additional time at event $100 per hour
  • If minimum bombs made (50) is not met, the balance due must be paid at end of event
  • Custom design work for unique bath bombs for event $TBD


 Reserve an Event: 708/317-9453 or